Privacy is a brand of Webshop B.V.. Webshop B.V. (or to be named, by using the services of you agree upon the privacy policy by Webshop B.V.

Once you and the online shop agree on a purchase via, you will be kept responsible as the shop will process and register your personal data. Kindly consult the privacy policy of the online shop to find out more about the protection and handling of your personal data.

1. General

In this Privacy Policy Webshop B.V. (hereinafter called: “Webshop B.V.”) informs you about the use of your personal data within the website of (hereinafter called: “”). When you use, you entrust your data to us. This Privacy Policy is intended to give you insight into the data that we collect, why we collect these data and what we do with them. This is important and we hope that you will take the time to read the policy carefully. is a product search engine. Webshop B.V. does not sell products itself, but unlocks the products that are offered for sale by others via You may use our services to search for and share (product) information. When you share data with us, for instance by making an account, we can make those services even better, for instance by showing more relevant search results or by making the sharing of content even faster and easier. If you make use of as a visitor (for instance by making an account) (hereinafter called: “User “), your personal data will be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Webshop B.V. processes your personal data to be able to serve you better or on the basis of a justified interest. Webshop B.V. considers it important to treat your personal data in a responsible manner. That is why your personal data are always processed and secured carefully in agreement with the Personal Data Protection Act (“Wbp” in The Netherlands) and the applicable other (European) legislation in the field of personal data protection. Webshop B.V. is the responsible party in the sense of the Wbp with regard to the processing of your personal data via We shall not collect more personal data than reasonably required to be able to perform our services and/or for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. When you are referred to a web shop via, the web shop will possibly also process your personal data and as such qualify as a responsible party. Please consult the privacy policy of the relevant web shop for more information about the way in which it treats your personal data.

2. The use of

Type of personal data
When is used, the user’s IP address is automatically registered. The IP address is temporarily stored in a log file. Besides, your use of (for instance surfing behaviour or clicking behaviour) is monitored. In the Cookie Policy of Webshop B.V. you can read in what way these data are obtained and processed.

Purposes of the use
Webshop B.V. uses these automatically generated (personal) data for the following purposes: i) Research into the use of Webshop B.V. uses the data in connection with the use of for research. The purpose of this is to improve the ease of use and the services of and to obtain insight into the market. Whenever possible Webshop B.V. uses anonymous and/or aggregate data that cannot be traced back to the individual visitor. ii) Personalization Webshop B.V. also uses the data in connection with the use of to map your interests. In combination with data that you supply on and data obtained via your account and/or other sources Webshop B.V. can use these data to build up a personal profile. On the basis of these data the content on may be optimized and personalized so that it links up better with your interests. Besides more specific advertisements can be shown on or on other websites. By making use of you give permission for the purpose, in so far as necessary. iii) Security of IP addresses are used to be able to detect and combat wrongful use of An example of wrongful use is spidering (crawling through), as a result which other visitors suffer nuisance.

3. The use of personal data in your account

Type of personal data
To be able to make use of certain services on you can make a personal account. You have the possibility of logging into by means of your account with third parties (for instance via Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn). By making use of this a number of account data (name, email address and gender) are filled in automatically with the (personal) data that you had already filled in at this third party. Webshop B.V. only applies for these data at your request from this third party and subsequently processes these data in your account.

Purposes of the use
Webshop B.V. uses the (personal) data from your account and the data supplied by you on for the following purposes:
Security of your account Your login data are used to protect your account. If you want to change this, it can be done in your account.

Reviews may be written about web shops on These review conditions apply to writing a review. In this connection we shall also keep your personal data. These reviews may possibly be used by third parties, on the basis of the data and content supplied by you.

Email marketing
Only if you have asked for it, will Webshop B.V. use your email address for sending our newsletter containing offers, news or tips of This newsletter may also contain utterances of the web shops affiliated with Every marketing email that you receive from offers the possibility of unsubscribing.

If you participate in an action or competition, we shall also ask for your personal data. In that way we can monitor the data of the participants and write to the winners.

Webshop B.V. also uses the data from your account and the data supplied by you on to map your interests. In combination with data obtained from other sources and by your use of, Webshop B.V. can build up a personal profile. On the basis of these data the content on can be optimized and personalized, so that it links up better with your interests. The same applies to marketing messages from Webshop B.V. if you have registered for them. As a result of this more specific advertisements can be shown on or other websites or Webshop B.V. can send you newsletters that may be interesting to you. By making use of a account or by leaving your data elsewhere on you give permission for this, in so far as necessary.

Webshop B.V. can also use the data from your account and the data supplied by you on for quality research in a wide sense and to improve its products and services or gain more insight into the market. Whenever possible Webshop B.V. uses anonymous and/or aggregate data that cannot be traced back to the individual visitor.

4. Supply of personal data to third parties

For the processing of personal data Webshop B.V. can make use of other service providers. These service providers will act as processors. They may only process the personal data by our order in agreement with the purposes for which the data have been obtained. With these processors Webshop B.V. concludes a processing agreement. In it the processor is obliged to observe all statutory provisions and the provisions from this Privacy Policy. For the rest Webshop B.V. does not supply personal data to third parties, unless we are obliged to do so on the strength of a statutory provision or a decision of the district court or supervisory body, or if this is necessary in the interest of preventing, tracing or prosecuting punishable acts (such as fraud, deception or swindling) or when you have given permission for this yourself.

5. Security measures

Webshop B.V. has taken suitable technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data to counter loss, wrongful use, wrongful processing of your personal data by others, and also to prevent access to your personal data by unauthorized persons. Webshop B.V. does this among other things by using passwords, a password policy, coding of passwords and encryption of data coming from visitors of These security measures are tested regularly for vulnerabilities by a professional third party and are supplemented or tightened if necessary. As no single system can be 100% secure, Webshop B.V. can unfortunately not guarantee the safety of your personal data for the full 100%.

6. Websites of third parties

This Privacy Policy only relates to and not to other websites of third parties, including web shops for which a link is shown on If you reach the website of someone else via a hyperlink, this Privacy Policy does not apply to your visit to that website. Webshop B.V. advises you to carefully read the privacy policy of the websites of these third parties.

7. Control of your personal data

You are entitled to inspect or modify the personal data that you have entered via your account. That can be done via the settings of your account. When it concerns inspection of personal data linked to a cookie, you are to send along a copy of the relevant cookie. Webshop B.V. reserves the right to charge the consideration per application permitted by law for this. You also have the possibility of requesting us in writing or by email to remove your personal data entirely. We shall process such a request as soon as possible. Webshop B.V. does not keep personal data any longer than permitted by law and removes personal data when they are no longer necessary for the purposes described above.

8. Transmission of takeover

In the event of a possible further growth and development of Webshop B.V. it may occur that or one or more parts or assets of the enterprise are transferred to a third party. As part of this the related (personal) data may also be transferred to this third party in that case. If this situation occurs, Webshop B.V. will inform you in good time about this via If you do not agree to this transfer, you may remove your account or direct a request for the removal to Webshop B.V.

9. Changes

To be able to process developments in legislation and regulations or in the services of Webshop B.V., Webshop B.V. reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. Webshop B.V. advises you to inspect the Privacy Policy regularly. The changes can be made known via or by email.


If you have any questions in connection with this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Webshop B.V.
Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 66829704
P.O. Box 22123 1302CC Almere
+31 88 85 85 580

Besides you are entitled to apply to the Dutch Data Protection Authority with complaints in respect of our processing of personal data.


A cookie is a small bit of text that is sent to your browser by a website that you visit. This cookie helps the site remember information about your visit such as your preferred language and other settings. This can make your next visit easier and the site more useful to you. Cookies play an important part. Without cookies the use of the Internet would be much more cumbersome and frustrating.

We use cookies for many purposes. We use them for instance to make the advertisements that you see more relevant to you, to count how many visitors we receive on a page, or for instance to protect your data.

Cookie Policy

Websites and apps use handy and useful technologies that increase the ease of use and that make the site or app as interesting as possible to every visitor. Known examples of technologies of this kind are cookies and technologies comparable to cookies, including scripts, web beacons and fingerprints (hereinafter jointly called “cookies”). Cookies may be used by website owners or by third parties – advertisers for instance – who communicate via the website or app that you visit. We believe it is very important that you know what cookies we use on and for what purposes they are used. The fact is that we should like to guarantee your privacy and the user friendliness as much as possible. In this cookie policy you will read more about cookies that are used by and via and for what purposes. By continuing to use or by closing the cookie banner you give permission for placing and reading the cookies mentioned in this cookie policy when you visit

Functional Cookies

These cookies ensure that works as it should and that certain data or preferred settings need not be entered again with every visit . These cookies make a small impact on the privacy of users so that no prior permission is required. On we use such cookies for:
The storage of preferences, such as the desired quantity of search results to be shown, the sorting of the products shown (for instance price descending, price ascending), etc.
Monitoring how many orders are placed for settlement with the web shop.
Offering the possibility of storing login data so that you need not enter them again every time when you want to log in.
Reading out your browser settings to be able to represent on your monitor in an optimum fashion.
Passing on information from one page to the next page, so that you need not always fill in the same information.
Tracing abuse of by for instance registering a succession of failed log-in attempts.
Uniformly loading, as a result of which the site remains accessible.

Analytical Cookies

To determine what parts of are most interesting to our customers, we try for instance by means of Google Analytics to measure continuously how many visitors visit our website and what is viewed the most. We use cookies for this. The information that we collect in this manner is laid down in statistics. These statistics give us insight into the frequency with which webpages are visited, where exactly visitors spend the most time et cetera. On the basis of this analyses are made that eventually contribute to the website linking up with the wishes of the users. As a result of this we are able to make the structure, navigation and content of the websites as user-friendly as possible for you. We do not trace back the statistics and other reports to persons. The impact of these cookies on the user’s privacy is so small that no permission is required for the purpose. For that matter these cookies are also placed and processed by third parties for the benefit of We use such cookies for:

  • Monitoring the number of visitors to the pages of
  • Monitoring the period of time that every visitor spends on the pages of
  • Determining the order in which a visitor visits the different pages of
  • Assessing which parts of the pages of require adjustment.


We have set the Google Analytics cookies in a privacy-friendly way in conformity with the “Manual on privacy-friendly settings of Google Analytics” made available by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This means for the Google Analytics cookies that Webshop B.V.:

  • Has concluded a processing agreement with Google,
  • Masks the last octet of your IP address,
  • Has switched off “Sharing Data” so that Google cannot use the obtained personal data for its own purposes (Google can only use them for technical support) and
  • Makes no use of other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.

Social Media Cookies

The product advertisements, articles or video materials that you can watch on can be shared by you via social media by means of buttons on our websites. For the functioning of these buttons use is made of social media cookies of the relevant social media parties (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), so that they recognize you at the moment that you want to share content. These cookies therefore make it possible that the logged-in users of selected social media may share content of direct. For the cookies that the social media parties place and the possible data that they collect thereby we refer to the statements that these parties make on the subject on their own websites; please note that these statements may change regularly. Webshop B.V. has no influence on them.

Profiling Cookies

Our purpose is to provide visitors of with information that is as relevant as possible to him or her. On the basis of your visit to we try to obtain an image of your presumable interests. On the basis of these interests we then adjust the content of for different groups of customers. Third parties who place cookies via may also try to find your interests in this manner. The cookies are used to:

  • Monitor which products you have already seen, to prevent that you are always shown the same ones.
  • To monitor how many visitors see the products and/or click on the products.
  • To pass on information about your surfing behaviour to other websites and other parties.
  • To make use of services of third parties to be able to show advertisements to you on websites of third parties.
  • To show more interesting products on the basis of your social media use.


As a result of the manner in which Internet and websites work it may happen that we do not always have insight into the cookies that are placed by third parties via That means that the list of cookies that we use is not always up-to-date or that cookies are placed for other purposes than described above. This is also true if the pages of contain so-called embedded elements. These are texts, documents, images or movies that are stored with another party but that are shown on, in or via our website.

Browser settings

If you do not want to place or read cookies on your computer, you can adjust your browser settings so that:
You receive a warning before cookies are placed, or
All cookies or only the cookies of third parties are refused. You may also use your browser to remove your cookies that have already been placed. Please note that you must adjust the settings separately for every browser and computer that you use.
Please be aware that if you do not want cookies, we cannot guarantee anymore that will work perfectly. It may be true that some functions of the site are lost or even that you will not be able to see at all. The method of adjusting your settings differs per browser. Consult the help function of your browser if necessary.


We shall have to modify these statements now and then, for instance because the site of or the legislation or regulations surrounding cookies change. We are allowed to change the contents of the statements and the cookies that are included in the lists at any time and without prior notice. We therefore advise you to consult this page regularly for the latest version. Should you have any further questions and/or remarks please contact:

Webshop B.V.
Chamber of Commerce: 66829704
P.O. Box 22123 1302CC Almere
+31 88 85 85 580

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